Reusable Bag!  Yes!

Reusable Bag! Yes!

Hey, everyone, this is Dominique. The other day, my mom found a bunch of my dad's old jeans after cleaning the closet. I just bought a new sewing machine, and had the bright idea to transform the old jeans into a bag! Here is how you can do it yourself using old jeans or any fabric of your choice.


  • Scissors
  • Old wide-leg jeans pants or any other type of material you want to use
  • Measuring tape or a ruler
  • Sewing Machine and/ or a needle and thread
  • Any color thread of your choice
  • Chalk

Now let us get started!

1: Start by laying out your material on a flat surface, preferably a table. If you are using old jeans, cut the legs off the pants as if you are making short shorts, and then open the fabric at the inner or outer seam.

2: Using your measuring tool, measure out the width and length you will like to make on the bag. Then, use the chalk to draw lines on the fabric so that you will remember where to cut. Remember to cut the length and width of the panels one inch wider than the length of the bag that you want to make. Also, measure out and cut the size handles you would like to use. For the handles, make sure to cut the fabric width wider than the width of the handles that you are sewing. I recommend cutting bag handles at least twelve inches or more longer. For example, if you are making a bag that is nine inches by twelve inches with handles that are two inches wide, cut your material of choice at ten inches by thirteen inches and cut the fabric that you are using for your handles at four inches wide each.

3: Use scissors to cut according to the guidelines you drew with the chalk. Next, use that first panel that you just cut out and lay it on top of the uncut fabric and use that first panel as a guide.

4: Now that you have two panels of fabric, pin the sides of the fabric together. Fold the fabric that you are using to make handles along the short edge and pin the edges together.

5: Now, it time to thread your sewing machine. Once you have threaded your sewing machine or needle and thread (if you are sewing by hand), sew along the sides of the bag leaving the top open. After following these instructions, you should have a brand-new reusable bag.