Time is Money

Time is Money

Every day, we all follow a routine. For example, you wake up, take care of your personal body care needs, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to work. Since the start of COVID-19, almost everyone has experienced a major change in their daily routines. For Darrius and I, we experienced this change. As full-time college students and part-time employees, we had a routine, but due to COVID-19, we both had to switch having classes online and working from home. Somehow, these tasks began to get harder to do. Reverting from our daily morning routines had put our bodies in relaxation mode, and we had to learn how to reset and adjust to our new circumstances. To get ourselves back on track, we set out on plans to get back into a working routine.

Step 1: We got ourselves some planners. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a planner. This step helped us stay on track and focus on our new tasks as business owners. For us, writing things down helped us remember what we had to do each day. Using our planners, we can time out our activities and keep track of things we have done or still needed to do. I recommend using Erin Condren planners (not a paid advertisement, just a recommendation). These planners can be personalized and include fun stickers that are useful and make planning fun and easy. The process was super fun and easy.

Step 2: We started going to bed on time and setting our alarms. This step allowed us to get back to maintaining and keeping the schedules we had planned out for ourselves as well as take our bodies out of our relaxed mode.

Step 3: Eating right and exercising are the keys to having great energy. At the beginning of the lockdown, we both found ourselves eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks, which decreased the energy we had to get our days off to a good start. Consequently, we approached tasks with less vigor than if we had drunk water or ate a healthy snack. Changing our diets, eating healthier foods, and exercising throughout the day, we found ourselves with more energy, which we put into our work.

Step 4: Finding time to relax. While school and work are very important, so is finding relaxing activities. We found hobbies to keep our minds active but relaxed at the same time. Darrius, being the avid reader he is, always finds time to read a good book, and I (Dominique) discovered a love for painting by numbers kits. I will complete my first painting soon, which I will share with everyone.

By following these steps, we were able to get ourselves back on track and plan our time very well. These steps may seem simple and are simple, but it is important to stick by these steps. A few slip-ups happen, but you have to continue to progress and grow with your life and your business. Even now, with the start of the summer, I am still working remotely, but having this routine, I have been able to effectively get my work done at home. I hope these steps can help you as well.